Complete List

1.Android Multiple Language Support Example
2.Android Custom Gallery Example
3.Shared Preferences Example - Android
4.Android switching activity and sending data - Example
5.Splash Screen for Android Application - Example
6.Android Paint Example
7.Android Options Menu Example
8.Android Sliding Drawer Example
9.Android Count Down Timer Example
10.Google Map in Android Application Example
11.Android Face Detection Example
12.Android SAX Parser Example
13.Android DOM Parser Example
14.Android JSON Parser Example
15.Wake Locks Android Example
16.Android - Twitter Timeline Feeds Example
17.YouTube Video in Android Application - Example
18.Android Long Press Event Handle - Example
19.Android - Adding Image, Text and Background to a Button
20.Android Vibrator Example
21.Android Radio Button / Radio Group Example
22.Android Voice Recognition Example
23.View PDF In Android - Example
24.View Microsoft Word Document In Android - Example
25.Android Proximity Sensor Example
26.Android Accelerometer Example
27.Android Display Running Applications-Example
28.Android Spinner Example
29.Android Shared Content Transition Example
30.Android Runtime Premission Example


  1. Your tutorial are on of the best that i had ever seen..
    Actually, its easy, its sorted..
    and one of its own kind..
    like your quoted thing.. :)
    "If you can't be great, help someone in becoming great. If you can't be a king, help someone in becoming a king. Then imagine your value in their sight.."
    Best of luck.. :D

  2. And hey I need to learn about 2 dependent spinners..
    Hope you help me..!!!
    Like if i have chooses China as a country in 1st spinner, So i want that 2nd spinner have to show all states of China.. Please help me out.. :)

    1. HTH

  3. Best Ever
    Fahad Khan from Pakistan

  4. thank you sir...thanks you so much.

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