College Kit:

College Kit - Manage your college life with your phone


Time Table - To schedule your classes and be informed
Diary - To note your college memories in one place
Reading List - A collection of all your study materials
Reminder - Reminder of exam dates, assignment deadlines, events and more
Friends - Quick contact for your college buddies

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Bomb Squad – House:

 It is an intuitive 3D game where you play the role of a bomb squad member. Your mission is to find the bomb in the house and defuse it before it blasts.

Use the mini-map to find your location in the house and listen to the ticking sound when you move closer to the bomb.

How to Play:

- Use the left joy-pad to  navigate left,right,front & back
- Use the right joy-pad to rotate
- Find the bomb in the house and tap on it to defuse it

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The Scribble app will help you quickly scribble down notes or drawings that you like by tracing your finger over the screen.You can create new scribbles and save it in your SD card which can be viewed in the 'Scribble Gallery'.A full view of the scribble can be seen from the gallery from which the scribble can be shared or deleted."

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